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Slippage Lit is an international literary magazine devoted to publishing experimental and strange works of fiction, poetry and non-fiction.




Founded in Sarajevo in late 2018 by two Bosnians and one geographically-challenged Australian, Slippage Lit aims to publish writing that doesn’t get enough attention.

We are a small, independent literary magazine with a mission to publish the strangest, most daring and unorthodox, quality work we can find. We hope to give a voice to all those poems, stories, essays, and everything in between, that just don’t fit in anywhere else. Our ongoing goal is to give a platform for writing in a strange style, or an antiquated genre that just isn’t published anymore, or was never published at all.
Slippage Lit aims to foster an open and encouraging community of readers and writers who are looking for something a little bit different.

We publish 3 issues a year: March, July, and October!

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Jacob Parsons, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Originally from Darwin, Australia, Jacob currently spends most of his time in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. His poetry and essays have appeared in numerous places, both online and in print. Examples of his work can be found, or are forthcoming, in Cordite Poetry Review, Noble/Gas Qtrly, Ink in Thirds, and Other Terrain Journal. For a full list of his published work visit his website at


Admir Šiljak, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Admir Šiljak is a writer and co-founder of Slippage Lit. Situated in and working from Sarajevo, he studies English Literature. Currently, he’s focusing most of his energy on publishing, and also working as an editor for Slippage Lit.

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Semina Pekmezović, Social Media Manager
Semina Pekmezović is an engineering student from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She feels Slippage Lit is just using her for her technological know-how. Other than that she provides social media skills the editors very much lack.