Issue 2 of Slippage Lit is finally here and we are very proud to share the wonderful and unusual works that populate it. This issue is full of pieces that defy convention, and play with the various literary forms.

As I write this I’m waiting for the announcement to board my second of three flights today.
I’m sitting in Istanbul airport, but I’m not technically in Turkey. My Passport was stamped as I entered the Belgrade airport departure area, and I will not officially cross back into a country until I have my passport scanned into Australia, around 20 hours from now. I often find myself in these moments, these hours of the In Between. Not anywhere officially; not anymore, not yet.

Tension defines these In Between spaces. I feel the pull of two different destinations. The In Between is precarious, fraught with conflict, and strangely stimulating. A manic energy exists there.
The writing found in this issue captures something of this energy; holds still something usually experienced only fleetingly.

Issue 2 presents writing that slips between genres, pieces that detail journeys, or that trap moments in time. All these pieces have something of the In Between about them, manic energy and tension intact.
The In Between is never comfortable, but it is always compelling.

A big thank you to all our contributors, you make Slippage Lit what it is.
Finally, thank you for reading. I hope you are as enthralled with the writing within Issue 2 as we are.